Tehnomedia Center “DOO was founded in 2001 as a small wholesaler, audio and video equipment store, under the name of its name, which today is recognizable business since June 2006. Today it occupies a leading position in the field of wholesale technique, small home appliances, IT equipment, heating and air conditioning equipment, audio and video equipment territories of Eastern Serbia.

All you need for a modern and functional home of technology, you can find in our online store www.tehnomedia.rs.

Legal entities expect special benefits. You can send inquiries to our e-mail: pravnalica@tehnomedia.rs

And that’s not all! Every month, we create stocks for customers’ needs, with especially favorable ways of paying, as it is postponed payment of 24 installments without interest. When you know: quality devices + excellent prices + delayed payment + informed sellers + delivery to home address = with us you are always on the winning side.

So – have we already met?

Tehnomedia – 17 years old with you.